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about Màya Dawn:

Màya is a Person with many spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. For example, maya is a Clairvoyant. also a Medium. And an Intuitive. she also utilize the Tarot (in a unique and accurate way). And, among the other spiritual gifts and abilities she haves she exercises the psychic disciplines of psychometry, remote viewing, channeling, working with spirit guides, etc. Mayà is a Psychic reader and advisore. And she practices and experienced in all of the techniques above and more! she utilizes a combination of all of these things when she provide her clients with a detailed, accurate, psychic reading! With an accuracy rate off nearly 90%, she has predicted over 300 marriages, helped save numerous lives, and is a consultant to an industry of professions. 

About me:

I'm a natural born psychic I've noticed my gift at a early age of 7 thats when i first experienced the gift of knowing its also when i began to get into trouble for knowing things i should of never known,

things that i had no "normal" way of actually knowing. actually i really didn’t get in trouble, but i was more questioned about blabbing some personal info!

as both my insights and my paranormal experiences grew more and stronger and frequent i determined that i would study anything and everything i could so that i could maximize the effectiveness and embrace the accuracy of my psychic gifts and abilities.

during my teenage years i studied long and hard. i literally studied every psychic discipline i could get my hands on, from Mastering the tarot cards, to tuning in with crystals and reading auras i studied psychology and parapsychology i studied many religions. i examined philosophy. and in doing so i learned a lot and i connect better with clients

along the way i became a psychic by profession, i.e one who devotes themselves to utilizing their psychic gifts and abilities in the service of others. 


I’m 10 + years of professional experience during these 10+ years I've performed a lot of readings.

and the people i read for have consistently told me over the years that both my psychic insights and psychic prediction are about 90% accurate i have provided psychic services, both in person and by phone. I’ve read for people all over the world including across the US. i have read for clients in more than 15 countries, including Africa, Australia, astray, china, Canada, Bermuda Denmark, England, Estonia, France, holland, india, Israel, Italy. Mexico, Russia, Scotland Spain, Trinidad,

Now i look forward to helping you! just as I’ve help many others! :) 

Accuracy: no psychic on earth is 100% accurate,

but my readings and insights, which include counseling, and prediction have proven to astonishingly accurate, many times my clients who told me during their readings that i had to be way off track only to see my predictions for them come true.

Ethics: i will not tell you what you want to hear. i will not lie to you; i will not lead you astray; i don’t give false hope; i can’t and i won’t promise things i can’t deliver.

i have gained credibility with my clients because i don’t tell them what they want to hear, when you get a reading with me, be prepared to deal with the truth. i will not pander to a persons need for entertainment by telling them what they want to but i will tell them the Truth hence my motto of Serious Answers for Serious Questions. 

Contact Màya the Psychic for a accurate honest more happier prosperous future today! (480) 799-6980

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Why us?

why Màya the Psychic?

the Real question is why not?

a Good Accurate Psychic is Hard to find but the Search ends here...!

Maya is a accurate genuine honest straight to point caring compassionate certified psychic. who will not slander you for your money, but instead will provide you with full detail and accuracy. all of Màya's services will not leave you empty handed unlike others.



Awesome reader! had a great time with Maya she is always very nice and sweet with her time.

Pebbles F - YP


Right on point with what I am going through. Whitney Evens - Yelp


she was great !!!!

Harry N - Yelp 

Wow she is so genuine with her predictions. I got so much clarity from our session, I will call to reschedule a session again soon

Abbey hills - Google Review

Beautiful. Very accurate she predicted a lot of things! I recommend

Joline Idk - Google Review

Great advice and connection! Really enjoyed my reading thank you

Larai - Bitwine

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