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Confused or in doubt about love?

do you feel you need assistant in love?

Psychic Màya give a full life detailed reading on your love life and provides you with information on the future. etc.

Have you lost your true lover?

Want your partner back?

Want to meet and connect with someone new?

curious/confused or in doubt about a special someone?

Wanna know if you and your partner are meant to be together?

is your spouse/partner Faithful?

you might have told you self that “it just wasn’t meant to be”

but you still continue to ask your self why?

well the answer is simple because your love is true,

we believe in true love and if you and your significant are two halves that make a whole than i will do all i can with all my might and ability to bring you to cross each others paths again. there are so many things that surrounds us on a daily basis that is against us from succeeding in love. don't be discourage by obstacles that keeps you from reaching your destiny. A Session with Màya give you full awareness and power over any obstacles that stand in the way from you reaching your lifetime gold. find answers to life's persistent questions. 


An Aura / Chakra reading involves looking into your aura and chakra centers , these are energy centers that are aligned down the front and back of the body. màya works with the chakras to gain insight(s) regarding your mental, emotional and physical states, in doing so psychic màya is able to address your questions or situation on a deeper level. The information and understanding you gain also helps facilitate letting go of blocks ( mental & emotional ) in those chakras. This helps the energy in the aura/chakras to flow freely, throughout your energy system, creating harmony within. 

The aura is very much a part of us, and can be seen by the naked eye for those who have the ability or develop the sensitivity. màya knows this because she has the ability to see it and she studied this with many years experienced. The aura consists of various levels of consciousness. It is a representation of your innate traits and potential. It is composed of layers of energy and within the aura is recorded all our experiences, thoughts and feelings. The aura acts like a mirror that shows our current mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition, and this is what maya is tuning into and reading during an aura/chakra reading. We can even detect illness within the aura before it actually manifests into the physical body.

The aura extends beyond the physical body approximately four inches to four feet. Our aura can expand or contract depending on our conditions and is constantly changing throughout the day, as we go through our moods and experiences.

There are seven bodies within the aura, these relate to particular levels: physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual, cosmic and nirvanic. The first three relate to our personality levels and the last four to our spiritual levels. Each of the seven bodies has seven different levels or sub-levels, the vibratory rates of which correspond to the seven main bodies. All levels are interrelated; as what affects one affects the others.

If we have problems in the emotional level in the physical body we will have problems also at the emotional level in the emotional, astral, mental, spirit bodies. It is also true that release or cleansing at one level will facilitate release or cleansing at its corresponding level in the other bodies. The ultimate goal is for all to be cleansed and in harmony, at which point we have our greatest power and sense of well-being.

spiritual healing is also a form of energy clearing that can remove negative energy and replace it with it a positive Vibe. it will also remove any obstacles that may be preventing you from you succeeding your life time goals and happiness. spiritual, aura, chakra, balancing/ cleansing/ healing. will help you to create and keep a positive vibe around you and your life.

having a either one of these will balance your mind, body, and soul, When these are open and the energy is flowing freely, you feel infused with life. You feel empowered, loved and nurtured inside and have the energy to accomplish your goals. You will remember that there is divine intelligence and intuition, which helps guide you on your journey, and you will feel your connection to spirit.these things are done many different ways, everyone is different and all these things listed above has a different purpose. consult with Psychic Màya to see what kind you may need.


Walk the career path meant for you and eliminate your uncertain decisions.

Are you employed happily or are you presently seeking a job? Psychic Màya offers Career & success readings she can assist you along the way she's a talented expert that can greatly help you diagnose your unanswered question about your personal and professional goals, especially affecting your career choices over the passage of time.

Ranking your field of choices in terms of importance, after your family and relations of romance, probably your job is the most likely area of importance to you. It may also be the culprit of the most hardened stress. Things like fear surrounding the loss of your Job? Egregious concern over career advancement, bosses that are challenging to deal with, re-entering the workforce after many years of raising your children or perhaps the reliance on a mate who was the primary salary earner and/or your choice to seek out a change of career are all top ten issues of stress to have to deal with. These are all the types of issues in your career Màya can aid and guide you on.

Have you ever needed help making a decision about your career? Maybe you want to know whether you should take a job offer. Maybe you want advice that helps you improve inter office relationships. Or maybe you just want to know how you can make changes in your work-life balance so you can improve your stress management skills.

contact Psychic Maya to help you choose a path that suits your personality and lifestyle. and see what your * career * business * finically Situation * has in store for you

  • Am I in the right career or should I consider a professional change?
  • What should I do to make better use of my life experience, my personal and professional talents and my education in order to lead a more productive or fulfilling life?
  • How might I improve my current relationship with my direct supervisor or boss?

will I get a good paying job?

Will they accept my applications?

Will I get a raise/promotion ?

How to prepare for a new job?

whether your current job offers enough security,

How you can position yourself for a Raise or promotion?

improving relatshionship’s with bosses and colleagues etc,

Call Psychic Màya to see what your Career has instore for you Now!


The tarot cards can tell you lot's of things. They can warn you of dangers, or people. They can help you intelligently decide what choices to make. They can show you the good and the bad Tarot readings can be quite astounding in their accuracy. But how does this happen? Well each Tarot card contains its own specific vibrational energy.

When a person chooses a Tarot card from the deck, their soul or unconscious mind is drawn to the card that matches with the vibrational energy, or frequency of their mind. Thus the Tarot represents their unconscious energies. The image on the card selected helps us to interpret and understand the energy of the card and thus the mind state that it represents. This theory of how the T.A.R.O.T works.

The Tarot helps you to take responsibility for the life you have helped to create. It offers guidance and empowerment to make the changes you want to make.

A tarot reading invites you to take an honest look at your situation, and can give you key information that will help you create the life and future of your choosing. Crossroads or choice points in life are where we grow, The Tarot is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your self and your life. As with many techniques that are used for self-improvement,

Now, what questions do you have for maya in regards to your life and future? How may maya utilize the Tarot and her other psychic gifts to be of service to you today in a positive and uplifting way?

Call Màya today to Get your Tarot Reading! (773) 655-2821

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All of our services Provided by Màya Wont leave you empty handed,

or confused here at we take Pride in what We do. and we make sure are valuable costumers are completely happy and satisfied with our services. 

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