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here to Help Lead you on the Right Path to Success and Happiness CALL NOW! (773) 655-2821

Màya is a Accurate Sincere Genuine Honest straight to the point Compassionate Caring Certified Psychic Reader & Spiritual Advisor with 10+ years experience, here to help lead you on the right path to success and happiness where you truly belong

Màya was born with the gift of knowing at a early age over the years she has devoted her time to help those who are in need of her insight in all matters of life.

(480) 799- 6980 

 Helping and advising in matters such as career, money, divorce, Marriage, breakups, Love & relatshionship etc, maya is a uniq special person with many spiritual gifts and talents and abilities. maya is a * Clairvoyant a * Medium * and a * intuitive * she also utilizes the tarot cards and crystals ( in a accurate and uniq way).

a good Psychic is hard to find, but you’ve found one…MÀYA Dawn! (aka Màya the Psychic).

if you been Skeptic, in Doubt, or even Scammed, when it comes to Psychics That ends here! to many of them are simply Good B.S artists. unlike others

Psychic Màya is that rare uniq special Person who has a genuine gift,

her readings includes several very specific, very detailed insights that turns out to be highly accurate

a reading with Màya is more than just a look into the Past Present and Future its also a reassurance that theres a Plan for Your Life. that you’re not alone, and that the challenges you face can be embraced as a learning experience.   

*Clairvoyant * Spiritual metaphysics * Energy Worker * Reunite Lovers * fixes broken and injured relationships can bring back love and romance back into your life. Love Spells Money Spells, etc.

a Welcome Message From Màya.

Greetings and welcome to my sight I’m Màya a Psychic Reader and Advisore with 10+ years experience over the years iv dedicated myself to helping those in need of spiritual clarity and a positive guidance along their path of enlightenment. I’ve helped and read for many people internationally Seven out of Ten people get readings based on love & relationships and many want my input on love so here it is

Love is definitely one of the most intense and complex emotions that we experience in life. It can give us extreme joy and happiness, but can also cause a lot of confusion and heart break. How do we ever know when we have found the right person we are meant to spend the rest of our life with? Finding a partner to commit to and to trust for the rest of our life is one of the most difficult challenges an individual can go through. I’ve realize over time that giving love is as good as receiving it. all anyone ever truly wants is to love and be loved. looking for love isn’t a bad thing as long as you know where to look for it. those who have truly looked for love have found it. and also there are some who have looked for it in the wrong places. i always say let love find you! when the moment is Right its right. because i believe that love can be found wherever you go…just keep your eyes open for when it present itself.

you just gotta stay Positive and don’t let your self fall. 

 thanks for the visit. enjoy… god bless xxx Màya Dawn

   Love & Relatshionships

have you lost your true lover?

want your partner back?

want to meet and connect with someone new?

curious/confused or in doubt about a special someone?

wanna know if you and your partner are meant to be together?

is your spouse/partner Faithful?

you might have told you self that “it just wasn’t meant to be”

but you still continue to ask your self why?

well the answer is simple because your love is true,

we believe in true love and if you and your significant are two halves that make a whole than i will do all i can with all my might and ability to bring you to cross each others paths again. there are so many things that surrounds us on a daily basis that is against us from succeeding in love. don't be discourage by obstacles that keeps you from reaching your destiny. A Session with Maya give you full awareness and power over any obstacles that stand in the way from you reaching your lifetime golds. find answers to life's persistent questions. (480) 799 6980

  Aura Cleansing & Chakra's

An Aura / Chakra reading involves looking into your aura and chakra centers , these are energy centers that are aligned down the front and back of the body. maya works with the chakras to gain insight(s) regarding your mental, emotional and physical states, in doing so psychic Maya is able to address your questions or situation on a deeper level. The information and understanding you gain also helps facilitate letting go of blocks ( mental & emotional ) in those chakras. This helps the energy in the aura/chakras to flow freely, throughout your energy system, creating harmony within. 

    Success & Career:

Walk the career path meant for you and eliminate your uncertain decisions.

Are you employed happily or are you presently seeking a job? Psychic Maya offers Career & success readings she can assist you along the way she's a talented expert that can greatly help you diagnose your unanswered question about your personal and professional goals, especially affecting your career choices over the passage of time.

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